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Telluride Real Estate Corporation (TREC)

Telluride Real Estate CorporationTelluride Real Estate Corporation

Telluride Real Estate Corp. was founded in 1981 by T.D. Smith and Ronald D. Allred, Chairman of the Board of the Telluride Ski and Golf Company, the developer of The Telluride Mountain Village. Initially, its primary focus was to market the master developer’s land product in the new 2,500 unit mid-mountain development. From 1984 to 1993, Telluride Real Estate Corp. marketed in excess of $300,000,000 in land sales.

Its primary focus over the years has been representation of significant landholders, developers and owners of high-end residential and commercial properties. Its staff consists of over 45 real estate brokers and administrative staff members. The key characteristic of its staff is longevity in the trade with half the staff having at least 20 years of experience.

TREC has been the undeniable leader in real estate sales in San Miguel County for the past 30 years. Within this brokerage, there are many relationships with individuals who have spheres of influence with Fortune 500 companies, investment banking firms, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists and the entertainment industry.

TREC maintains three prime, high traffic office locations. We are located in our new, prime building on Colorado Avenue (Main Street) in Historic Telluride, on the Heritage Plaza, adjacent to the gondola in the Telluride Mountain Village, and in the lobby of the Mountain Lodge Telluride. Our main street location at 232 West Colorado Avenue is a renovation of the Historic Examiner Building.


TREC is affiliated with the only luxury brand to be directly associated with an art auction house. The Network is unparalleled with 134 affiliates in 42 countries with over 34,000 agents. With art sales of nearly $100 billion annually, the synergy between art and luxury real estate buyers provides a conduit of investors to our upscale market. Its magazine reaches over 1 million readers worldwide and its newly redesigned website out performs its nearest competition by 2:1 with average listing prices 3 times higher than that of its competitor.



I have accumulated an email list of approximately 10,000 investment bankers, CXO’s (CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.) of Fortune 500 companies and oil industry executives that will be targeted for “e-packages” related to the subject property. A detailed “offering” package will be developed to those who respond with focused interest.


Many Telluride investors / visitors / second homeowners come from real estate development backgrounds. During peak periods (November – April and June – September), the property shall be advertised as part of a full page format in either the Telluride Daily Planet or the Telluride Watch. In addition, the property shall appear in the either the Telluride Style or Telluride Visitor’s Guide. TREC shall place the subject property in its comprehensive real estate e-guide and printed version of The Collections, in a full page format. This buyer’s guide is distributed to regional offices and extensive mailing lists.


TREC has an excellent working relationship with regional brokerages and accomplishes approximately 40% of its sales through cooperative efforts. TREC will educate the brokerage community related to this unique investment opportunity and arm those brokers who specialize in high dollar sales with the Due Diligence Package mentioned above.


To be specified and agreed upon between client and broker and made a part of the listing / marketing agreement.


We utilize electronic and personal contact in our key feeder markets of New York, Texas, Southern California, Florida and Illinois and other developing foreign markets.


The successful marketing of any property begins with good communication with the seller. To this effect, the listing team keeps clients abreast of the various factors working to impact the sale of the property, including reports of showings, feedback from showings, recent sales and listings of comparable properties, feedback from advertising and marketing tools and changes in the general market condition.


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